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Minn Dak Corporation – Lagoon Dredging & Separation

In the fall of 2013, the Minn Dak Corporation performed maintenance to all of their lagoons in Whapeton, ND. They leased a dredging unit and a mobile Bargam centrifuge from us. Fergus Power Pump, Inc, also provided training for the leased dredge and Bargam centrifuge, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures to ensure safety and job completion. The dredge was used to dredge the bottom of the lagoons. During the dredging activities, Minn Dak was able to continue their facility operations without disruption. The mud was dredged from the lagoon to the mobile Bargam centrifuge for dewatering by separating the solids from the water.

Minn-Dak Corporation lagoon dredging projectMinn-Dak Corporation lagoon dredging project

The true benefit here was that they were able to remove the sludge and dewater their lagoons while still being able to run their daily operations. We are currently working with Minn Dak Corporation to develop an annual maintenance plan which will incorporate both our dredging equipment and our mobile centrifuge. We specialize in helping companies put together a long term maintenance plan that will help you keep your lagoons performing efficiently.