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About Us

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. has strived for 30 years and succeeded at becoming a leader in Biomass Management and Services. Fergus Power Pump, Inc. provides services and management for municipal, industrial, agricultural, and residential entities for removal, transportation, and land application of Biosolids.

In 2007, Fergus Power Pump, Inc. formed a company Fergus Power Products, Inc for sales and leasing of dewatering equipment and dredging throughout the United States.

Fergus Power Products, Inc. is a company who maintains a pulse on the environment.

Today many of the municipalities and leading industries land apply there Biosolids. Due to rapid increase of population and development, it has become a challenge to find field sites to land apply. The municipalities and leading industries are now changing focus to managing there Biosolids by dewatering.

Dewatering reduces solids wastes weight and volume for a greater environmental Bi-product. This Bi-product can be transfer to a landfill with minimal impact or environmental resource for efficient incineration with reduction of moisture.

The rental and leasing of Dewatering Equipment is becoming more of an option for municipalities and or industries. This is the reason for Fergus Power Pump, Inc. establish a subsidiary company, Fergus Power Products, Inc. to continue to meet there clients project needs.

Fergus Power Products

Based out of Fergus Falls MN, Fergus Power Products was established in 2006 as a subsidiary of Fergus Power Pump Inc. It is our goal to provide both the equipment necessary as well as the service and expertise required to complete your projects within the dewatering industry. We cater to not only the commercial industry, but also the home owner looking to “do it themselves”. It is our goal to be the industry leader for sales, rentals, and leasing of all the required environmental products and equipment in the dewatering and septic industry.

Mission Statement – “A company with today’s pulse for the environmental solutions to your project.”