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Digester & Tank Cleaning

Digester cleaning

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. has 30 years of accumulative experience in cleaning digesters and tanks. We provide cleaning services for digesters as well as all other tank structures.

Over time, digesters accumulate grit, trash and heavy solids that are not removed during normal wasting events.

This accumulation reduces the effective treatment capacity of the digester and negatively effects proper operation. Fergus Power Pump, Inc. can safely and efficiently remove and manage these solids.

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. can also remove heavy accumulations in oxidation ditches, aeration tanks, etc.

Workers cleaning digesterWorker cleaning digester

Thirty years of cleaning digesters has led us to develop several novel and reliable methods for sludge removal. The method(s) we utilize varies from project to project and is dependent on the tank shape, characteristics of the sludge and available disposal options.

All operations are conducted in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Types of Tanks Cleaned:

  • Anaerobic and Aerobic Digester Tanks
  • Sludge Storage Tanks
  • Aeration Tanks
  • Clarifiers
  • Oxidation Ditches

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. has the equipment necessary to handle the debris and grit that accumulates in tank bottoms.

Our field crews are, professional and experienced. The field crews are trained in proper confined space procedures and appropriate safety equipment and PPE is used during sludge removal.

Worker cleaning digesterDigester cleaning

Disposal services that can be performed in conjunction with the cleaning:

  • Pumping and Transfer
  • Dewatering, aka Belt Filter Press, Dewatering Bags
  • Land Application (if appropriate)
  • Landfill Disposal
  • Drying Technologie

Benefits from Cleaning digester:

  • Increase detention time and storage of Biosolids in the digester
  • Increase Digestion
  • Extending the preservation of pumps, piping etc.

Supply water source near the digester, aka. Fire hydrant

Centrate from dewatering operations will be returned to the plant headworks for reintroduction into the wastewater treatment facility.