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Benefits of Mobile Dewatering Equipment: Belt Press & Centrifuge

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. explains the benefits for mobile dewatering equipment of centrifuges and belt presses. The benefits to the waste water operator are the contractor will provide consulting, training and troubleshooting procedures to maintain a solids separation. Many mobile centrifuges and belt press will have amenities that the mobile units are all in one enclosed mobile dewatering plant. The primary need for mobile dewatering equipment is during the interim of upgrading a facility. Other uses would be during an extreme draught condition and there is a need to implement methods to conserve water.

Centrifuges and belt press can be operated for seven days a week for 24 hours a day. The difference between centrifuges and belt press are as follows: The belt press is more forgiving, meaning in operating and type of material being dewatered. The belt press can handle instable material in flocculating (material and polymer mixing). And the belt press is more tolerable to dewater sand and grit where centrifuges will not. The two big benefits of the centrifuge over belt press is less water and it produces a dryer cake. The centrifuge will however require large usage of polymer vs. belt press.

Dewatering is a true savings, particular in producing less quantity for disposal, especially where facilities have several miles to transport material. For interest about our mobile dewatering equipment, please contact us at 218-736-6772.

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