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Used Equipment

Fergus Power Pump, Inc. offers all types of used equipment, including mobile dewatering plants, used centrifuges, refurbished centrifuges, pumper trucks, and more. See below for a what we currently have for sale and/or contact us for a complete list of available used equipment.

Mobile Dewatering Plant with Centrifuge

650 mm (26”) Centrifuge Mobile Unit. This system is self-contained, insulated, air conditioned and heated, with automated controls, a polymer system, conveyors, and includes all the necessary appurtenances / accessories. The centrifuge unit, a Bargam Series 650 LH, has been completely refurbished and rebuilt. The whole system and all equipment (see below) is self-contained within a customized enclosure that is mounted on a 53' aluminum trailer (T689). Priced to Sell at Only $197,000 (or $225,000 with a 2007 230kw Kohler Generator). Details include:

  • 26″ High Pressure Centrifuge
  • Cylindrical Body
  • Seepex Sludge Pump
  • Seepex Sludge Grinder
  • Cake Discharge Auger
  • Centrate catch tank & Return Pump System
  • Polymer Delivery Control System
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • All hose and necessary equipment to operate with 75 feet from the unit
  • 75 foot electrical cord for 480 Volt, 200 Amp Services
  • Hydraulic Main Drive
  • Hydraulic Back Drive
  • Flow Meter
  • Indoor Polymer Storage
  • 20 foot, 60 degree Auger

Fergus Power Products, Inc. is a sales, rentals and leasing company with over 25 years’ experience in providing services for our clients dewatering projects. Please call to inquire for more information and have our staff prepare a sales proposal for your company. Also, please feel free to call to learn more about our leasing and subleasing programs for our dewatering equipment (Belt Presses, Dosing Units, Polymer System and much more).