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Fenton Drying System

Fenton drying system

The Fenton drying system is an automatic batch system. The batch process allows total control of the process to insure the production of a Class A, Exceptional Quality product. The drying chamber uses a hollow disk propriety-blending rotor to blend the biosolids as they dry to eliminate the need for back mixing and insure optimum drying efficiency. The patented internally heated hollow disk arrangement allows the necessary heat transfer surface area to accomplish controlled dehydration of a wide variety of organic materials. Heated thermal fluid is circulated through the hollow disk as well as the chamber shell to give maximum surface area for drying.

Emissions from indirectly heated sludge dehydrators have small amounts of contaminants contained in the exhaust vapors. A high efficiency Venturi scrubber/condenser system condenses the steam to water and scrubs the exhaust stream of air borne particulates. The condensed water is returned to the wastewater treatment system.